MidAmerica Administrative & Retirement Solutions, LLC (MidAmerica) provides benefits funding and administration solutions for public sector employers across the country. MidAmerica is one of the nation’s leading providers of FICA Alternative and Special Pay Plans, Health Reimbursement Arrangements, Flexible Spending Accounts, and Trusts. MidAmerica is an active member of NTSA, the National Tax-Deferred Savings Association as well as the SPARK Institute, the Society of Professional Asset Managers and Record Keepers. Learn more about MidAmerica by visiting www.myMidAmerica.com.

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We have dedicated more than 25 years to solving issues that schools, colleges, public safety agencies and other governmental employers are facing. With former city officials on our staff, we intimately understand the challenges you encounter and equally appreciate how municipalities measure the success of a comprehensive benefit plan. 

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Founded in Florida. 

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Retirement plans such as the Employer Sponsored 401(a) and the Special Pay Plan enable employers to make deposits into employee accounts with dollar equivalents of unused sick leave, unused vacation pay, or other compensation incentives. The funds are invested to potentially grow over time and become available upon meeting the IRS age requirement. 

retiree HRA (rHRA) similarly utilizes unused sick and vacation pay to fund an HRA designed to reimburse retirees tax-free for their qualified medical expenses. Employers have the option to establish one or more of these plans for an employee, making it possible to divert these unique forms of compensation into multiple buckets. 

The accumulated funds provide a meaningful benefit to the employee upon retirement while reducing, if not eliminating, the liability of cashing out large sums of accrued leave hours. 

Solving public sector benefit issues since 1995.

The 3121 FICA Alternative Plan is designed specifically for seasonal, part time and temporary workers. Instead of paying into Social Security, 7.5% of the employee’s wages are contributed pre-tax to an investment account for potential growth over time. The account balance and earnings are tax-deferred, and as the employer, you avoid the matching 6.2% Social Security contribution.

Social Security alternative for seasonal, part-time and temporary workers.

defined contribution HRA (dcHRA) accumulates employer dollars on a tax-free basis while the employee is actively working, with funds being used upon retirement for tax-free reimbursement of eligible medical expenses. Funds are invested for potential tax-free growth and vesting schedules can be applied to further incentivize employee retention.

Over the years, we've come to understand common benefit and budget issues of municipal employers. Lucky for you, we've also dedicated 25 years to solving them.

Your issues, 

Attract and Retain 


Finding and keeping good employees is no easy task, and we understand that recruiting and onboarding can be a drain on your budget. The benefits you offer are every bit as important as salary when an employee is deciding whether to stay or go.

Employees like to know they are appreciated, and employers can convey that appreciation through a meaningful benefit plan that provides tax-advantaged deposits in the present with the potential for increased value over time.

Bridge the gap between retirement and Medicare with a benefit that grows while employees work.

Reduce Accrued 

Leave Liabilities

The liability of paying out large banks of leave hours when an employee retires can throw your budget into turmoil. You can reduce or even remove this liability by implementing programs that utilize accrued leave time to fund savings vehicles for employees.

Maximize the value of your employees' accumulated leave.

Offset Rising 

Health Care Costs

With the cost of health care benefits projected to increase by 5.3% in 2021, now is the time to develop creative strategies to offset these costs. Fortunately, there are simple-to-implement solutions.

Help your employees manage the cost of health care by providing a tax-free benefit that covers the cost of eligible medical expenses tax-free.

Triple tax-free ways to pay for medical expenses during active employment and retirement.

Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) share the same goal of allowing employees to be reimbursed tax-free for eligible medical expenses incurred throughout the plan year. FSAs are funded by employee dollars deducted pre-tax from their paychecks, while HRAs are strictly employer-funded with tax-free contributions that can even include unique forms of funding such as unused sick leave and unused vacation pay. 

HRAs can be designed to benefit active employees enrolled in a group medical plan or to accumulate health care dollars for employee use upon retirement or separation of service. 

Both vehicles reimburse for qualified expenses incurred by the employee, their spouse, and any eligible dependents, enabling the employee to manage out-of-pocket health care costs with tax-advantaged dollars.